Lolita_kawaiishoes Review/Haul

Hey guys! I’m back with another haul from Lolita_kawaiishoes.
This time I got only two handbags, but they are both super cute! So let’s begin!
You can use the code “Sophie” for 10%OFF at Lolita_kawaiishoes.

  1. Sailor Chibi Moon Samantha Vega Replica Purse

Isn’t it so adorable? Normally I don’t choose Sailor Chibi Moon themed items because she is not my favorite scout, however in this case I could not resist the pink! You can’t really tell in the photo, but the entire bag has a subtle glitter effect all over which is so pretty!


Much like the Sailor Moon Wallet I got from Lolita_kawaiishoes last time, the quality of this replica is on point! It is absolutely fantastic and I cannot fault it in any way! In the case of these Samantha Vega bags, I prefer replicas because the originals are made from real leather.


Even though I adore this bag so much, it is a little bit too small. It doesn’t fit my Sailor Moon wallet in it which is a shame haha! So that means I cannot use it for everyday. I will have to save it for special occasions only!
If you are interested in picking up this bag, or would like the other colour ways be sure to check out Lolita_kawaiishoes! They have this bag themed after every scout for £30.80!

2. Angelic Pretty Chocolate Print Replica Purse


Next up is this super adorable Angelic Pretty Heart Shaped Purse! You all know how much I adore chocolate themed fashion. When I was in Japan I looked all over the place for this item, but I couldn’t find it anywhere! So when I saw these bags on Lolita_kawaiishoes I jumped at the chance to own one!


I own an Angelic Pretty Royal Melty Chocolate dress, so I am super excited to wear this with it! Again I cannot fault the quality of this replica purse at all, it is perfect. It also comes with a chain/strap so you can attach it and carry the bag over your shoulder if you wish.


The back of the bag has a slim pouch for you to store extra items in! Again this bag is a little bit small (though it is bigger than the Samantha Vega one) so it won’t fit too many items inside. However since this is a lolita purse it’s unlikely you will need it for everyday use anyway!

This purse is available in 4 different colours on the Lolita_kawaiishoes website for £31.79


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