Super Sonico Cosplay Wig Review – Uniqso

OMG! It has been forever since I have sat down to do a review!!
Gosh, sorry for the long wait! I miss doing this!

Today I am going to review my new wig from Uniqso, the Super Sonico Cosplay wig! I don’t intend on doing a full sonico cosplay or anything, I just thought this wig looked super pretty.
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supersonico02 You can get this wig at Uniqso for $26.10

Like with all Uniqso wig, the wig arrived in a very secure package. It is wrapped in a net to keep it tidy, comes with a free wig cap and all of this is contained in a zip lock bag. This time I also got a free wig comb, which was pretty awesome! I really needed one of those!

DSC_0273This is a two toned wig, the top layer of hair is a very pale pastel pink, while the bottom layer is slightly brighter and more vibrant! It makes for a really cute look. The wig itself does have a slight shine to it, but not much. If you are taking pictures without flash, the wig will appear nice and matte in the photo but if you do use flash it will look super shinny! Just be mindful of that if you are doing a cosplay photoshoot with this wig!

wig01I had to trim the bangs of this wig a little to suit my face, but besides that the wig is completely pre styled. One thing I noticed when I opened the package was under the bangs, it looked all matted and frizzy. Can you guys see what I mean in the photo? At first I thought there was something wrong with the wig, but after putting the wig on I discovered that this is used to create volume at the front of the wig! The bangs cover it perfectly so I was glad for that. xD
supersonico01Overall I think this wig is really nice, it would be a good choice for you if you are thinking about cosplaying as Sonico…or like me you just wanted a cute pink wig to wear! The hairs are nice and soft despite this being a synthetic wig, pretty neat huh? 😀

Overall Socre: 7/10

  • Good Quality
  • Slight Shine
  • Two toned
  • Cheap price

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