I-Codi Colors Of The Wind No 20 Melon Review

Hey guys!
Today I am finally going to review my new fave lenses!
These are my first pair of I-Codi lenses, and I am so impressed so far! I have really been enjoying these lenses a lot, so let’s get started with the review!
Don’t forget you can use the discount code “PMTea” to get a 10% Discount at Uniqso!

icodi02Oh! And I also wanted to show you guys this super cute lens case that Uniqso sent me as a birthday gift! Isn’t it adorable? I love it!

icodi01You can Purchase these lenses at Uniqso for $22.90

Base Curve: 8.6mm
Color Tones: 3 Tones
Diameter: 15mm
Lifespan: 1 year
Water Content: 38%

stbnProbably my favorite thing about these lenses are the color! They really are like the color of a Watermelon ha! There are three tones that go from a very blueish green into a slightly darker green, with a natural looking black outer ring. Since the black outer ring is has a soft fade in effect, it gives these lenses a really natural look!
So far I have worn these lenses with both natural looking makeup and very heavy OTT makeup, and they look great with both!

11193015_374984282697140_1167194991_nThese lenses have been extremely kind to my eyes when it comes to comfort. I have worn these a lot since getting them, they can be so comfy that I sometimes forget I am wearing them haha! However, since they are 15mm, I do find that they tend to feel dry a little quicker than some lenses with a smaller diameter, nothing a quick eye drop can’t fix.

Overall Score: 9/10

  • Comfortable
  • Lovely Color
  • Suitable for both Natural and Heavy looks
  • Cheap price!
  • 3 Tones
  • Natural outer ring
  • Dry a little quicker than other lenses

3 responses to “I-Codi Colors Of The Wind No 20 Melon Review

  1. They look gorgeous. I will order one and I hope it will be delivered to my country.

    Do you know where can I find other lenses in tokyo?

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