Michael Todd True Organics Review & My Current Skincare Routine

Hello everyone!
For the past couple of weeks I have been using the Michael Todd True Organics Line for Sun Damaged/Hyperpigmented skin. I decided to try out this brand as I had heard so many great reviews of their skin care products! I suffer from red acne scars, the kind left behind after a blemish has gone, and these “scars” are actually known as Hyperpigmented. I have tried for over a year now to rid my skin of them, but nothing has worked, and even when some do fade away a new blemish will appear and give me another red scar! ACK!

This line is aimed at Sun Damaged/Mature or Hyperpigmented skin, I bought it on sale for about $70, original price was $180! It is still on sale right now for $85. Hyperpigmented can be made much worse by the sun, and ironically many of the products in this line can make your skin much more sensitive to the sun, so I am currently wearing SPF50 over my hyperpigmented cheeks.

01. Skin Defender


The “Skin Defender” is a cream cleanser with 70% Organic ingredients. I’m not a big fan of cream cleansers(I prefer foam), but I do really like this product. I wouldn’t use it to take my make-up off as I’m not confident it would remove it completely without a bit of work, so I usually like to use this AFTER taking my make-up off to clean my skin. It has a fresh lemony scent, and my skin feels squeaky clean after using this cleanser! I only like to use this cleanser in the evening (after washing my make-up off) as it will increase your skins sun sensitivity.

02. Intensive Organic Eye Cream


This is an eye cream with 90% organic ingredients. This eye cream is directed more towards the treatment of eye wrinkles, but it is said to help with puffiness and dark circles too. I don’t have any wrinkles around my eyes, I do have creases under my eyes but they just come from the shape of my eyes so I don’t think any amount of eye cream would reduce them! I do like to use anti-ageing products as often as I can for prevention purposes. The cream does help with puffiness, but doesn’t seem to do much for my dark circles. After applying to my eyes, I like to apply a little bit of this eye cream to my laughter lines as it helps to reduce them too!

03.Rose Petal Mask


This Rose Petal mask smells so lovely! It feels lovely and light as it dries onto your face, unlike so many other face masks which are thick and heavy. After use my skin feels hydrated and smooth, not to mention squeaky clean. Overall using this mask it s very pleasant experience, and also leaves my looking slightly brighter. I use this mask once a week in the evening as this product will increase your skins sun sensitivity.

04.Organic Lemon AHA + DMAE Toner


This is a lovely lemon flavored toner that is 96% organic! By far my favorite product in the line, this toner is so cool and refreshing! It smells like fresh lemon with sugar on top! It feels lovely and clean on the face, and I thoroughly enjoy using this toner everyday. I will use it both during the day and at night, but I should note that this product will increase your skins sun sensitivity so it is always best to apply SPF protection during the day.

05.Concentraited C Serum


This serum is concentrated with Vitamin C and E with 70% organic ingredients. The serum has a very refreshing citrusy scent, and is used to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin to keep them moisturized. I find this serum very rich and heavy, but it does keep my skin very hydrated! I would only use this serum in the evening as again it will increase your skins sensitivity to the sun. When I awaken the next day my skin feels nicely hydrated and soft, this is very important to me as the previous serum/moisturizer combination I used would result in my skin feeling very dry by morning time.

06. Citrus Cream Moisturizer


This moisturizer has 81% organic ingredients and is aimed at dry, mature and combination skin. I find this moisturizer to be really effective at keeping my skin from drying out overnight! I only use this moisturizer in the evening as it not only increases your skins sensitivity to the sun, but I also find that it sits on my skin for a very long time. I have worn it during the day a few times and it tends to make my skin look very oily and shiny, however if I wear it while I sleep I always wake up with lovely soft and hydrated skin!

So, has the line had any effect on my acne scars? It has helped to fade the very tiny brown spots that have been left by very old scars, but as for the red spots I can say the difference has been very minimul.It has only been a couple of weeks after all, so I do plan on continuing on with the routine in hopes that it will help my skin to repair itself! Will keep you updated! ❀


9 responses to “Michael Todd True Organics Review & My Current Skincare Routine

  1. Hi, I think a product you could try is ‘bio oil’, it really helps any scars and is cruelty free ( check their website ). Yes its oily but since I’ve been using it and I don’t like oily products I was amazed how quickly my acne scars cleared up. If you do try this product you can probably get it on ebay for about au$25 for 125ml bottle which can last awhile (thats the price it is in chemist here in australia). Not sure if your chemist/drug store will have this product so online probably best. I hope this helps… πŸ™‚

  2. Hi just curious if you have noticed any more of a difference with your hyper pigmentation since your initial blog post on these products.


      • I just needed a good eye cream and i was going to order some face products from the company. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  3. You blog is so cute! I love all the pink ❀ I love Michael Todd and you have reviewed so many products that I haven't used yet, thank-you! I can't wait to try out the ones you loved. We did a Michael Todd first Impressions post, please check it out if you get the chance xoxo πŸ™‚ http://beautifulbedlamblog.com/?p=231

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