Uniqso Lolita Bobo Wig Review

Hi friends!
I’ve been focusing so much of YouTube lately, I feel I have been neglecting my precious blog! I have lot’s of work to do this week, so I’m going to try and churn out as many posts and reviews as I can! ~
Today I am going to review my Lolita Bobo wig from Uniqso!
When you are shopping at Uniqso be sure to use the code “PMTea” to get a 10% discount!

cs-096a-Lolita-Bobo-wig-700x700You can buy this wig at Uniqso for $24.90
For some reason, I suddenly had the desire to try out a short bob wig! The hair color in this wig looked very similar to my natural hair color, so I wanted to try it and see how I would look with short hair!

shorthairIn real life I would say the wig is a slightly brighter blonde than in the picture, it is a very platinum color but is kept natural looking by having darker lowlights all the way though. The hair though synthetic is nice and soft and not shinny at all!


The wig comes pre-styles, I didn’t have to style it at all! No trimming or shaping the bangs with a straightener! Even thought I won’t be cutting my real hair this short any time soon, it was really fun to try something new! I think this would look really cute with a Lolita outfit!
This wig is targeted towards Lolitas, but it looks so natural it could be worn with any kind of outfit.

Overall Score: 9/10

  • Pre-styled
  • Soft and Healthy looking
  • Not Shiney
  • Natural Look

3 responses to “Uniqso Lolita Bobo Wig Review

  1. This is a really nice wig actually.
    I love the fact that it is a natural looking blond wig.
    Those are… surprisingly hard to find.
    Though it is targeted towards Lolitas, I’d consider getting it.
    It has the right amount of sway to be used with other styles.

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