Melty Do Granite Cosplay – Cospicky Review

Hi all~ If you follow me on Social Media you have probably already seen these shots, I have been spamming them non-stop haha! Today I am going to give you guys a review and run-down of my experience of the new Cosplay store CosPicky! Melty01 Before I get started, here’s everything you need to know! Costume by Cospicky: (LINK) (Use the Discount code “peachmilky” to get 10% off any cosplay items from Cospicky!) Wig: (LINK) Lenses: (LINK) (Use the Discount Code “PMTea” to get 10% off any items at Uniqso!) Ice Cream Prop: Self-Made Shoes: (LINK) (Use the Discount Code“23235501“ to get 10% off clothes and shoes) Melty032Cospicky were looking for sponsors when they opened the new store, I was really happy when I was chosen to become their sponsor! Even though I am a sponsor, I want to let you guys know everything said in this review is 100% my own opinion. Since the shop was new, I didn’t really know what kind of quality to expect. Instead of picking a costume from the store, I requested them to commission a cosplay that I have been wanting to do for a really long time! Melty De Granite from Shining Hearts. The shipping was really fast too, I love in the U.K and it only took less than a week and a half to get to me! Melty04 I had the costume custom made to my size, I do this with all costumes I commission! Even when I do this, often something ends up being too big for me when it arrived, however when I received this costume I was so ecstatic that it fit me perfectly! I didn’t have to make any adjustments myself which is really rare! The fingers in the gloves were a little long, but that is normal for me. (I have freakishly small hands and short fingers x_x) Melty05The color and fabric choices were spot on. They replicated Melty’s look perfectly! The hat is the most impressive part, it’s large and really detailed but at the same time light enough to wear on your head. There is also a wire along the edge of that hat which allows you to move it around as you please! The hat fit my head without a wig perfectly, but with the wig it was a little small so I sewed on some clips to hold it down. I plan on wearing this to con very soon, luckily it is really easy and comfortable to wear! The one complaint I do have is about the white ribbons for the arms and legs. They come separately, as in they are not sewn onto the socks gloves, meaning they were a little tricky to put on and also they tended to fall down. For the con I plan on sewing them to prevent this. Melty02Overall, my experience with Cospicky has been a really positive one! With their help I was able to do one of my dream cosplays, the costume was accurate and well made, and the shipping and customer service was fantastic! I would highly recommend them to you guys if you are looking to either commission a cosplay or simply buy one from their store! Don’t forget to use the Discount code “peachmilky” to get 10% off any cosplay items from Cospicky!


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