ICK Garnet Brown Review

Time for another quick review for Uniqso!
Today I am going to review my ICK Garnet Brown lenses.

You can use the code “PMTea” to get a 10% discount off any purchase at Uniqso!


Base Curve: 8.6mm
Color Tones: 2 Tones
Diameter: 15mm
Lifespan: 1 year
Water Content: 42%

You can purchase these lenses at Uniqso for $22.90

Originally I got these lenses to go with my Umaru cosplay, and I think they were a pretty good choice! They are really comfortable and easy to wear for long periods of time. I wore them pretty much all day before I sat down to do this review, and had no problems what so ever. I think it is probably because of the high water content of these lenses!


The one down side to these lenses is that my blue eyes do show through them quite a bit! You can see my real eye color showing through in the close up, however from a distance it’s not really too noticeable so it’s not a huge deal.I have tried other brown lenses in the past that have this problem, it’s a little hard to find any that won’t show my natural color at all. However if you have brown eyes naturally I think these would be fine.

Overall Score: 7/10

  • Natural look
  • Comfortable enough to wear over a long period of time
  • Cheap price
  • Best suited to brown eyes





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