How To Use SuperBuy!

Hey guys!
I uploaded a video a couple of weeks ago showing you all a Cheap Cosplay Haul! In the Haul I bought everything from TaoBao! Here is the link if you’d like to check out that video:

Sadly most sellers on TaoBao do not ship outside China, but luckily we can still receive the products by using a shopping service! Today I am going to introduce you to the service I used called SuperBuy!


SuperBuy is a shopping service you can use to order products from TaoBao! Simply put, you can choose any product from TaoBao, have it shipped to the SuperBuy Website, and they will check it / ship it to you!! Below I am going to show you an example to help you with the process.


Here is a product I bought on TaoBao. It’s a cute cosplay suit and it’s sooooo cheap!!! You can search for items using the SuperBuy website but I personally like to search and find things on TaoBao directly. Once you have found the item that you want then you can copy & paste the URL on the SuperBuy website.


Once you have done that the page will be translated for you to choose you options and you can add the product to your cart!


You can now prceed further with your order! You can go to the next page and SuperBuy will give you an estimated shipping cost. This way you know exactly how much it will cost!


Once your order has been sucessfulyl places SUperBuy will make your purchase for you! If there are any problems at all your agent will contact you to let you know. If you have any questions or want to keep updated with the order progress you can check your “Orders” page. Here you can see the status of your order.

Untitled-5.jpgHere is an example of how SuperBuy keeps you updated on the order progress. Once it has arrived in their warehouse they will contact you and let you see photos of the item for approval. Once approved they will ship the product to you!!

Check out SuperBuy for all your TaoBao needs!

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