BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream Review

It feels like forever since I did a make-up review….but it really isn’t. xD
Today I am going to review my newest BB cream, BRTC’s Jasmine Water. I bought my BB cream from ebay, however if your not fond ebay sellers it is also available at Pretty&Cute.

This BB cream boasts Whitening properties, UV Protection (SPF 30), Anti Oxidant, moisturising, and even anti-wrinkle properties. Sounding good to me so far! It is said to be best suited for people with dry and sensitive skin, now that we are getting into the colder months my skin is started to become far more dry since my Skin79 BB cream post. I should also note that BRTC do NOT test any of their products on animals which is fantastic! (Neither do Skin 79). Sadly you only get 35g in one bottle, the BB cream itself is pretty expensive so I just hope it lasts for a long time. Also this BB cream only come in 1 shade, I would not recommend it for people with darker skin tones as this is very pale.

As you can see, unlike a lot of other BB creams it does not have that strange grey undertone which I was very happy about. Compared to the Skin 79 VIP gold I would say that this is not as moisturising, but that also means that it produces less shine. I love the coverage this BB cream gave me, the first coat gives a nice even natural finish. I then simply add another coat onto any problem areas, it covers them well without looking too thick.

As the days have gone on, I can say my skin has felt nourished and moisturised the whole time. I should also note the staying power of this BB cream is awesome! It pretty much stays in place all day long. The BB cream has a very very faint scent, not strong enough to annoy those who are sensitive to scents.

Overall I am very happy with this BB Cream and I’ll probably be using it for a good while. I love anything that is whitening, and having SPF protection is very important to me! Ageing, I will not let you catch me! Muwahaha!
The only downside to this is the price can be pretty hefty and there’s not a lot of product in the bottle, however I feel that if the quality is good then it is best to spend that little extra for BBCream/Foundation since it will be sitting on your face all day. It’s a good investment when taking care of your skin. ^_^


  •     Whitening
  •     Wrinkle Fading
  •     SPF 30
  •     Pretty Expensive
  •     Nourishing and Moisturizing
  •     Good Coverage

27 responses to “BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream Review

  1. Your skin looks flawless. You definitely sold me on that product. I like my Garnier BB Cream, and I want to try more. You look lovely. ❤

    • Thank you so much dear! My skin is far from flawless, the camera and lighting can be so deceiving hahah! But this bb cram really covers up my problem areas very well while still looking natural ^_^

  2. I keep looking for a BB that doesn’t have that odd ashy grey tone to it. I’m olive/yellow but it would work for me mid winter for sure as I get fairly pale, though not ivory by any means. Dr Perricone’s no foundation foundation was interesting, too. I liked it and it blends well with most skin tones, too, looks like.

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